Anjani Portland Cement Ltd

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Anjani Cement is a high quality cement prepared from the finest raw material Owing to optimum water demand, it contributes to a very low co-efficient of permeability of the concrete prepared...


  • Higher strength and better particle size distribution of cement enables optimum water-cement ratio
  • Better ductility and better dynamic of structures
  • 3200 cm2/ gm against requirement of 2250 cm2/ gm as per IS : 8112 – 1989
  • Higher fineness increases rate of gain of strength of cement requiring lesser consumption and improves workability
  • Moderate sulphate resisting properties
  • Low chloride thus avoids corrosion of reinforcement steel
  • Particle size adjusted by high efficiency separators to practically eliminate coarse and very fine particles, thus hardening and strength gain is controlled
  • Subject to design criteria, structures more sleek and economical on account of smaller cross sections
  • Gives higher characteristic strength of concrete and better bond strength, hence lesser lap length which will save on use of steel
  • Economical usage of cement due to high strength
  • Superior finish since more number of fine particles compensates adverse effect of improper grading of coarse and fine aggregates
  • Improved impermeability of concrete and plaster
  • For pre-cast and pre-stressed construction, early transfer of stresses tends to economize on time and money by lowering cycle time


  • Plain and Reinforced Cement Concrete, masonry and plastering
  • For bridge piers
  • Pre- stressed girders and electric poles, concrete pipes
  • Per- cast, pre- stressed, slip formed concrete
  • Tall building and structures (skyscrapers), R.C.C bridges
  • For cement concrete roads
  • For structural repairs and grouting
  • Pre- stressed works, precast element, bridges, atomic power stations, railway sleepers, dams, silos RCC pipe etc.