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Group Overview

Binani Industries Ltd. is a fast growing, multidimensional business conglomerate with sales, manufacturing, and R&D operations spread in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America.  Its diversified businesses deliver products and solutions in the areas of cement, glass fibre and related composites, energy and industrial infrastructure.

The Braj Binani Group has boldly embraced path-breaking initiatives growing organically and through acquisition to deliver accelerated business results on multiple fronts.  As a result today, Binani Industries is a significant contributor to India’s industrial growth. Yet, this focus on business growth does not detract from a very high level of commitment to important corporate social responsibility issues such as the environment, health, education and other community issues.

Binani Industries Ltd. initiatives focus on both business growth and corporate social responsibility.


Building on a 140 year history of business visionaries, the chairman, Mr. Braj Binani has launched the group on a track of rapid global expansion not just on the sales front, but also in R&D and manufacturing. The first moves resulted in the set up of cement manufacturing plants in Dubai and China allowing Binani Cement Ltd. to open second and third sources for cement and located close to new markets in Africa, Southern Europe and Asia. Further, European and U.S. apart from India footprint has been established with acquisitions (below).

3b Fibreglass

Leading Edge Technologies:

The company has added advanced technologies in the glass fibre and composites space with key acquisitions of 3B Glass Fibre, a European Euro275M leader of fiberglass products and technologies, and Composite Products Inc. (now CPI Binani), a leading global manufacturer in the U.S. of inline compounding and molding of thermoplastic composites.

Binani Quality Award

Manufacturing Quality and Efficiency:

While new technologies are being added to the Binani Industries’ portfolio, in its more established businesses such as cement, the group continues to raise the bar on improving quality and efficiency with ultra modern manufacturing. With high quality being synonymous with its brand name, Binani Industries’ cement products compete at the global level and continue to enter new, emerging markets all around the world.

EnvironmentEnvironmental Responsibility:

A strong focus on green sustains not just the company but also the planet. The company’s efforts are focused on prudently using and conserving natural resources, deploying superior technical solutions to prevent ecological contamination, and proactively adding trees and greenery around the factories to compensate for the carbon footprint of production. On the technical front, better coal-firing burners, air cooled condensers, quieter and cleaner limestone blasting, removing dust from kiln exhaust gases, and residue management of hazardous waste are some of the ways in which the group is going green.

Social Responsibility:

Expansion of factories and new production facilities are always accompanied with a plan for developing the local communities and empowering them with facilities for children education, vocational training, and health care. Other essentials such as banks, post office, adequate drinking water supplies, housing, scholarships, and community entertainment halls are all planned to allow the work force to live comfortably and in harmony.

Core Values:

The Braj Binani Group holds in high regard core values, such as honesty, transparency, and efficiency along with constant efforts to provide customer delight with the highest quality and dependable delivery of products. These core values are central to the business philosophy of the Binani Industries and act as the guiding beacon for the day-to-day business operations.