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Top 5 Companies in World for Cement Production

Cement is one of the all-time greatest inventions that have revolutionized the world completely. Without cement, we can’t imagine today’s infrastructure development and developed urbanization. Cement provides its help by binding bricks, aggregating, and assisting towards a better life with top-class infrastructures, protected shelter, secure transport facilities, and lots more.Cement CompaniesIrrespective of the issues of having environmental influences, the cement industry has never gone out of business. You will be amazed to know that every year, approximately 3,300 million tons of cement have been manufactured throughout the world. The leading cement producers in the world are China, India, Iran and the US.

Many people are curious about the top and leading Cement companies in the world. Here is a list of top five companies those have gained immense popularity and huge profit with their sales of cement around the world:


It is a world-famous company providing an outstanding service for around 183 years throughout the world. In 1833, this venture has initiated its journey. Eric Olsen is the chairman and chief executive officer of Lafarge. Headquarter of this company is located in Paris, France. Its total asset is around 34.807 billion Euro. Lafarge manufactures and markets ready-mix concrete, cement, aggregates, and so on. It features around 26 plants along with the Cement production capability of 288.66 Mt/yr.

Anhui Conch

This popular company is specifically associated with the production and sales of cement and clinker. Anhui Conch is the biggest producer in Mainland China started its journey in the year 1997. This state-owned company is headquartered in Wuhu Anhui. The chairman of Anhui Conch is Guo Wensan and this establishment has the production capability of around 217.20 Mt/year.


This establishment has started its journey in 1984 at Beijing, Peoples Republic Of China. The chairman of this company is Mr. Song Zhi Ping. It manufacturers gypsum, fibre glasses, cement, and so on. More than 100000 workers work for CNBM. This establishment is identified as the biggest manufacturer of glass fibre in Asia. It is involved with the capacity of 176.22Mt/year.

Heidelberg Cement

It is one of the reputed cement companies in Europe. Johann Phillip established this company in the year 1874. The chairman and chief executive officer of this establishment is Bernd Scheifele. Heidelberg Cement is involved with more than 63000 employees and annual profit is about 800 million Euro. It also provides an array of services including cement manufacturing, ready-mix concrete along with aggregates. Heidelberg Cement has the capability of around 121.11 Mt/year.


It is a global establishment manufactures cement, concrete, clinker, nd construction aggregates. Italcementi has begun its journey in 1864 at Bergamo, Italy. Italcementi has the profit of approximately €45.8 million and assets are approximately €10.02 billion. It is involved with the cement manufacturing capability of around 80 Mt/year and employs approximately 20,700 people worldwide.

It was a list of the world-famous, leading, and Top 5 cement companies around the globe. These companies have received worldwide acknowledgment for their best quality and superiority, massive production and high-income values.