Hakim Cement Industries Limited

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Hakim Cement Industries Limited





Welcome To Taher Group of Companies
Taher Group is a dream of a family, The Mostafa-Hakim family of Chittagong. It started off as a construction firm in the sixties by Late M A Hakim and his sons carried out his dream by making it a million dollar empire. His son Mr. Taher, with the help of his brothers started of as a ship breaker in the early eighties. Now the company deals in many different products and services. Taher Group has mainly establishes its name an advanced building materials as the company dealing in bricks, deformed bars (rod) and cement. Apart form this the Group deal in liquid oxygen, real estate, Recondition vehicles, Logistics, spare parts and various kinds of general trading. However, all this success did not take their eyes away form the society that made the success possible. The Group wanted to put back something to the society that has given them so much. Thus the Group created Mostafa-Hakim Welfare Foundation and established a lot of educational and religious institutions. Taher Group really proven social responsibility in the true sense.