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About OCL
Prominent among the early entrepreneurs who laid the industrial foundation of India was Dalmia Family

Prominent among the early entrepreneurs who laid the industrial foundation of India was Dalmia Family. Established in 1932 with a sugar factory, the Dalmia group gradually diversified into a broad spectrum of activities. They were involved in many pioneering ventures which made India stronger - Sugar, Banking, Insurance, Civil Aviation, Cement and Refractory, just to name a few.
The origin of OCL was seeded in the time that signaled India's independence. A dream unleashed. A blue print of growth was drawn. Endeavours to reconstruct economy set in. Indian industry woke up to the key challenge of self reliance. Agriculture took a turn to modernity with construction of dams across the country.

Against such a bubbling background Sjt Jaidayalji Dalmia, an industrialist of farsighted vision set up a cement plant at Rajgangpur during 1950-51 at the request of government of Odisha to manufacture super grade cement for use in the construction of Hirakud Dam. The plant that went on steam as Orissa Cement Limited during 1952 transformed itself into OCL India Limited                                                                                                       during 1996 to better reflect its multifarious activities.

From a modest 500 TPD capacity imported single wet process cement kiln of FL Smith make of Denmark, the House of 'Konark' brand cement has journeyed a long way with a modern dry process cement capacity of 5.35 Million TPA Mill capacity at two locations of Rajgangpur and Kapilas both in Odisha. Driven by an urge to excel, the company has over years evolved into a responsible corporate citizen committed to India and its people. This spirit of nationalism has paid rick dividends. 'Konark' brand cement enjoys rock solid customer satisfaction across the country and is today the premier lead brand in the State of Odisha. It is a name 'cemented to quality'. OCL is a globally focused organization with presence in key areas supporting infrastructure development. With its range of product and strong R & D orientation it enjoys a strong customer base and brand loyalty.

OCL Refractories have world wide acceptance with exports to Americas as well as many Euro-Africa- Asian Nations.A wide range of products manufactured at Rajgangpur and its associate company in China has given it the unique opportunity of perpetual customer base in Iron,Steel,Copper,Preciuos Metal extracion,Aluminium and many more refractory consuming processes.

Presently the Group's activities include Cement, Refractory, Industrial Machines, Computer Software, Travel and Investments, with OCL India Ltd heading the list a the Group's flagship company. While thus contributing its mite in helping India build and strengthen infrastructure facilities and make advances in other related fields, the OCL Group has been consistently building for itself an enviable reputation worldwide for the quality of its products and services. OCL is today a company of Indian roots with Global reputation.