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Successful Delivery Management

On time delivery is of critical importance to keep consumers happy and manage customer satisfaction. Shree has accordingly taken steps to continuously grow its truck fleet along with ensuring coordination amongst logistics, truckers, marketing and customers for timely delivery and faster unloading. It has also been maintaining a floating stock of trucks for unscheduled demands. All these measures collectively has helped the Company increase truckers' engagement for these areas to drive volume growth. As of today, the Company has the capability to deliver to a small consumer of 20 tons at the same time as a large consumer of 5,000 tons.

Finding New Ways for Branding

The Company has been continually adopting different ways to promote branding and maximise product reach. It has adopted an appropriate mixture of all channels of brand promotion to create a brand standing for its products. One such way of effective brand promotion it identified was advertising on trucks. This has been taken up as a cost-effective mass media mode. It has been a challenging endeavour as it involves painting on trucks while they are on the job of cement and clinker transportation. The team, however, has been able to effectively utilise it to optimise brand reach.

Customer Services

The marketing team has always focused relentlessly on customer service as an essential area of overall marketing success. The central theme of customer management is to serve the need of each and every consumer without discriminating based on the size of the order. The focus of customer service team is the same for a consumer needing 20 tons as it is for a 5,000 ton customer. Company has meticulously planned its supply and distribution network to create strength in customer service delivery. It has created a closely coordinated customer satisfaction team which works with the logistics, delivery and other constituents to provide an effective service to consumers. Infact the plants are all set up near to large consumer hubs to enable it be present among large consumer points. Competition, how much one may want, cannot be wished away. As in sports or anywhere, it is the competition, however, that defines the champion. Stiffer the competition, greater the appreciation of the winner and more the people enjoy watching it.